Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zion National Park, April 2016

I haven't been keeping up with our blog all that well...we've had such a great visit in Zion that I decided to do a Zion blog. At some point I will back track and catch up...we have seen some amazing places since the last blog from Quartzite until now. 

Watchman Campground in Zion Park. We lucked out, due to a cancellation, we  landed this site. The Virgin River is right below the split rail fence with mountains behind it. 
Can't beat this for a dinner table with a view!

Along the trail on one of our hikes in Zion. I look pretty small amidst the huge rocks. 

Another beautiful view on one of our hikes. The Virgin River flows through the canyon, this is the same river that's behind our campsite. 

Angels Landing, probably the most challenging hike we've ever done. This area was called Scouts Lookout, many people turn around at this point. The brave (or crazy) continue on another mile up the ridge to the very top. The views are breathtaking to say the least. Although most the time I couldn't look down, sheer cliffs of 1,000 ft drops on both sides of the ridge. Yup, we were pretty proud of ourselves. Checked it off our bucket list. Great hike but we probably wouldn't do it again, once is enough.
Back in the day...before the trail was developed...it was said nobody could make it to the top except the angels...thus the name, Angels Landing. 
Chains in certain areas help with scrambling up the rocks and hanging onto the mountain.

Near the top...sheer cliff over the edge.
The Virgin River can be seen below.

The hikers (red shirts) below are making their way upward through a series of 21 switchbacks called Walter's Wiggles. Named after a man who helped develop this trail many years ago. I was thinking of my dad when on Walter's Wiggles. 

Zion is beauty beyond words, so colorful, one of the most beautiful places we've had the privilege of visiting. This entire adventure is such a privilege and blessing.