Friday, April 19, 2019

The Silos and Magnolia Market
April 2019 - WACO, TX 
The Magnolia store.
Stunning displays and decorating.
Owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, best known for the HGTV show Fixer Uppers.

A very relaxed family atmosphere out back.
Kids playing games, bean bags chairs, picnic tables, flowers and music.

Picnic tables await.
Unique food trucks surround the perimeter. We ordered lunch from the Cheddar Box. We had a gourmet grilled cheese and the most delicious Mac & Cheese EVER.
(The white building on the right is the marketplace.) 

Of course I enjoyed the gardens and beautiful raised beds.
A quick trip to CT.... and a spring walk....

While in TX, we took a quick trip to CT to visit our kids and grandson. Quick trip means flying (out of San Antonio), not driving the motor home. 

CT is a very beautiful state, although crowded along the coast, there are many rural areas filled with huge trees, old farms, old rock walls, lakes and rivers. The coast is beautiful as well with many quaint little towns filled with Victorian houses. It's an expensive state but very beautiful.  

Fredericksburg, TX...

We made 2 stops (stays) in Fredericksburg, a fun filled tourist town, famous for it's German roots. Great German food, old stone buildings, wineries and music. Will include more on Fredericksburg in a later post. We made a return visit specifically to attend the Vintage motorcycle show and flat track races. It was such a fun weekend, especially since we were able to camp next to the event and were joined by friends (Judie & Mark) who camped next to us.
My dream bike, an old little Honda to putt around on.
I remember when these were cheap and easy to come by, not so much anymore. 
Flat track racing...all vintage motorcycles dating from the 1970's back to almost 100 years old. 
It was amazing to watch.

Getting ready for a drag race. 
This was more of a fun event for bragging rights than a highly competitive event. Remarkable that these guys keep their bikes in such fine working condition. Very Impressive. 

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